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Zapisz Zapisz

A Fresh Start

I want to start fresh and I don’t want to follow the norm of what everyone else is doing. This is not a New Year’s resolution, its much deeper than that. I am in a battle to elevate myself, protect my happiness and guard my peace. I have put down the road map called the bible, for far too long and now I need to reunite myself with the guidelines. I have to read God’s word and let him lead me to a higher ground that no man can take me. I desire to kneel at his feet and speak words that resonates with him. Secrets that only he would hold deep in his heart, where my dreams can be watered and grow. I long to live in the moment instead of living for Reality TV. I aspire to explore the world and marvel at all the incredible wonders. I believe that it is necessary to love and do more for myself. I am determined to keep this body in motion, feed it and nurture it. In addition to this, the hunger I have most of all is to be true to who I am. This journey is bigger than this year or the next…. it’s about being a part of something bigger than yourself.