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Zapisz Zapisz

Family Matters

Friends can go, money can disappear and a job can fail but family is everything. We have so many choices in our life and God gives us the opportunity to make our own personal desicions. However, we don’t have the luxury to choose the family we are born into. Granted, everybody is not so lucky to come from a soild family background but your family can be anybody who desires to put you first by giving you unconditional love. That love can come from people like your grandparents, an adopted couple or a single parent who is giving all they can to make each day magical. Family is so important and at times, we take each other for granted. What I know to be true, stable and just is that, I thank God for the family he has blessed me with. I have parents, who has given me the foundation on how to make it in this life and how putting God at the center of everything makes me a winner regardless of any obstacles I face. The friendship bond that I have with my sisters and brother, creates a special connection that no one can take away. My family are my roots and like a tree with deep roots, they give me life. I hold on to them because other than God, they are all I got left in this world. Nothing else matters when you are shown love from the people who love you. Like stars in the sky, all I have to do is look up and I know they are there to help guide where I need to be. This life is not easy; but the journey is so much smoother when you have a great family unit who can help you along the way.