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Keep Your Eye On The Prize

My mom told me that years ago before she left the house, her grandmother would always tell her, “Keep your eye on the prize.” She was confused by what her grandmother meant by that but everyday her grandmother would repeat that to her. Fast forward today and my mother understood what her grandmother was saying to her. She was reminding her to always keep your focus on God no matter what. A lot of times we can lose focus of where we should be directing our attention to. We got so caught in our own lives trying to juggle several things at one time that we forget to put God first. We’re human and it happens to all of us at one point in our lives. Sometimes we need someone to reel us back in, so that we can focus on what’s important. So many people are out in the world chasing money, careers, validation and the approval of people, still feeling unfulfilled. Having that relationship with God calms you and your confidence grows from within. You realize that your identity does not reside in material things but your identity is placed in being a child of God. There is a power and sense of peace that comes along with putting God first in our life. People will disappoint us, obstacles will come but God is permanent. My great- grandmother instilled that in my mother and today my mom reminds me to do the same everyday. I thank God for my mother and if my great-grandmother was still alive my mom would thank her for all she has done as well. So I take God with me wherever I go and I know that he is the ultimate prize.

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