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Zapisz Zapisz

Living The Simple Life


I use instagram to market myself and to drive traffic to my blog because that is my ultimate goal. Lately, I have struggled between finding my balance in being consumed with my life and being on social media. To be perfectly honest, I have a love and hate relationship with Instagram. I find that social media can be a great tool but it can also be your worst enemy. However, I don’t want to submerge myself so deep into the world of social media, that I forget to live in the moment. So instead of checking my instagram page first thing in the morning, I pray to God. I ask God to bless my day, guide my life in the right direction and I desire to keep him first always. It is never my intention to start my day off, checking my social media feed to get a high off someone liking my post. My life doesn’t stop for social media and in order for me to accomplish my goals I have to be present in the world, making things happen for myself. I make sure to turn all of my post notitifications off, so that I’m not being interrupted throughout my day. Others would say that I need to post everyday in order to keep my followers but I disagree. I have learned that I have to do what’s best for me and the world would just have to adjust. I believe that my true followers who have constantly supported me and shown me love, will be there no matter what. I understand that I am on the road less traveled and alot of people may pretend to be interested in my journey, only to unfollow me thinking that somehow they deserve my support in return which they will not receive. I am serious about my journey but this process is going to help me keep my peace while encouraging my readers to strive for peace as well. I appreciate the realness and authenticity of someone who desires to stay true to who they are. That is who I am interested in following and those are the people who I want to follow me on social media. I am not at all fascinated by the perfectionism that people put out on there social media feed because I know its not sincere or honest. What’s important is that we continue to focus on pursuing our own personal goals and to get out more to explore the world for ourselves. There is a whole physical world out there and I’m determined to live my life as simple as possible, so I can enjoy every minute of it.