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Zapisz Zapisz

Reevaluate Your Life

Working internally from the inside out is the first step to becoming more of who I am meant to be. Lately, I have been evaluating some things in my life and brainstorming some ways I can make this year count. I decided that the best way to get my year off to a good start, is to start with myself because when you think about it, the only person standing in your way is you. It’s very important to surround yourself with likeminded people who have the same values as you. You can always tell a lot about a person based on the people they choose to hang out with. That’s why it is very essential that we travel lighter to get to the next level in our lives because let’s be real, we carry around a lot of baggage. Anything that wears you down and causes you to question who you are as a person is baggage. Accept the situation for what it is but you don’t have to stay around to entertain it. You must be willing to make a lot of sacrifices because there will be a great deal of it. You must remember that, you can’t be like everyone else, when you are trying to be yourself. You will be considered weird, different or crazy but don’t be afraid of being judged. Dare to go on a path, no one has the courage to journey to. I pray that one day I can find those tribe of people who get what my mission is, and they are trying to go along the same path as me. Success is different for everyone, so I don’t want to live my life based on other people’s definition of success. The most liberating feeling in the world, is discovering what success truly means to you. Being that God is the center of my life, I pray to him for guidance about my future endeavors. All of these components will come together to build a healthy foundation, and that will be the start of something very beautiful.