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Zapisz Zapisz

Remember Who You Are


Years ago, I still remember the days of trying to come into my own. I was the ugly duckling, the misfit and the wall flower. My self esteem was low and I struggled to find my place in the world. I didn’t know my own potential but God saw something in me that needed to be awaken. I had been sleep walking for years and now I was fully awake. I was special but I did not know my own power. Here it was, I had a father (God) who owned everything and I didn’t know my own worth. I am more sure of myself now and I find myself getting more confident in who God is shaping me to be each day. I am embracing all of the changes and wisdom that comes my way. I remember praying to God years ago, for the things I have now. I can honestly admit that, I was never made to chase this world and this world was never mine to chase. I have to be the light in a room full of darkness and to remind myself of who I am. I am a child of God, I’m blessed, and thankful for every moment. Remember who you are, before the world tries to tell you because nobody knows you better than you know yourself. Look inside yourself and know that you are significant. You are smarter than you think, stronger than you know and more courageous than you believe. Keep moving forward and know that you are fortunate.