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Zapisz Zapisz

Slow Down


I was suppose to go to work last week but it never happened. The “To Do List” I had written out was never completed. In addition to this, the blog post for last week was never launched on my website for my readers to read. I was devastated, I was like “Why is this happening?” You can try to control every aspect of your life but ultimately there comes a time when we have to let go of what should be and adapt to what’s going on at that moment. We are never really in control of what takes place in our lives. So many people have said, that if you want to hear the Lord laugh, then tell him your plans. Lord knows I had a lot more planned, than laying sick in the bed with the flu all week. I am such a control freak and in that very moment I realize that I had to shift my focus on what was important. The important thing was that I got better, so that I could have the energy to be what I need to be. I can’t fill anybody’s cup, if my cup is empty. I’ve learned that lesson right away because the flu could have did more harm than good. People were dying all over the world and here I was, complaining about not getting through the week. God has a way of slowing us down to make us pay attention to what truly is important. This week I slowed down a lot, regained my health and I can finally see my way.