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Zapisz Zapisz

Trust The Process

The world that we live in today, people prefer to be around foolishness and unnecessary drama. It seems as though very few people want to entertain someone who is wholesome and honest anymore. We are so caught up in trying to impress people, who care absolutely nothing about us. So we pretend to live out this fantasy lifestyle, that we know we can’t afford but somehow we think that we are never good enough, to be ourselves. As the holidays quickly approaches, I am constantly reminded of whats important and what is not. So I make it my mission to draw my attention to the people who love me with open arms and interact less with the ones who don’t. Even with me being on social media, at times I have to step back to reevaluate the reality of it all. The reality is, is that we really don’t know the people on social media, who choose to put their life on display. Just think about it, most people don’t put bad pictures online because we want the world to believe that everyday is a party and we are the happiest people in the world. But truth be told, we don’t know what people’s intentions are or what their journey is truly about. We feel as though we have to do something extraordinary so that were not seen as boring or hopeless. However, my worth is not placed on the number of followers I have but the people who I have inspired with my message. People are fleeting and I am learning that more, as I get older. I may never be enough for some people and I am content with knowing that. It is very important that I find my own balance and move to the beat of my own drum. We have to learn to trust ourselves, be patient with ourselves and trust the process as we continue to work toward our goals. Fear nothing, pray about everything because your personal growth is the only thing that matters.